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DevBlog - features playable demo

2008-06-09 06:31:50 by Fickludd

Yey, I've decided to show of some mayor parts of our tank game in a sandbox playable demo.

Nothing more will be happening in a month or so, but this should keep everybody warm for the time being!

DevBlog - features playable demo


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2008-06-09 07:16:25

That's really cool. I like that you can drive over the tank corpses. But maybe you should change the controls to WASD instead of arrowkeys.

Fickludd responds:

Yeah, the controls are not final. Will probably be wasd in the end. Driving over tank corpses is what this game is all about :D.


2008-06-09 08:48:55

kicks ass ,but make more artifission! It`s so fun to play!

Fickludd responds:

thanks =P.


2008-06-09 12:39:15

That wasn't really a playable demo as much as a HERE'S WHAT I'VE GOT SO FAR.

Fickludd responds:

That's true of course - but that was the intention :D. It's a demo to show of the features. I can't show more than I got so far =P


2008-06-09 22:50:49

how do you respawn?

Fickludd responds:

You have to reload the page... I couldn't be bothered to make anything sofisticated ^


2008-06-17 19:11:46

make artifission rpg2 plz it was so cool!°i loved it!


2008-07-12 10:34:53

I hate all the games you make!You suck!Read the review i gave you for the music tetris thing!


2008-08-09 04:44:14

is there a sequele to artifison rpg?everione cant wait to play the next chapter.


2008-11-01 06:49:26



2009-01-17 19:45:32

Nice, great work there, hope to see more from you.

Btw.. Where in Lund do you live :P

Myself i live in Annehem/Norra Fäladen


2009-02-13 09:59:34

the tank games is very cool,the physics work just fine,but i thing that you wouls also have an option tio make you tank jump a lil distance,would be funny,but thats just my opinion,and also,when you kill the little withe running guy,he just stays in place,no death animation,thats a lil sketchy.


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