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Game! Webpage!

2008-04-29 11:24:23 by Fickludd

Hello all newgrounders!

First of all:
Happy pico day! (a bit early but whatever)

I will soon release my next game, which is a snowboarding game with some really cool tracks and awesome collision detection. Yey! Let there be anticipation. You can check out some more info on...

I've got a new homepage!. It's fantastic what you can do with one of the free platforms available. Check it out!


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2008-04-29 12:03:09

For the record I'm only posting to say that I dont know you......

Fickludd responds:

What a coincidense... I don't think I know you either...


2008-04-29 20:29:06

Thats because I live in the USA its far from Lund Sweden..........