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Yey, I've decided to show of some mayor parts of our tank game in a sandbox playable demo.

Nothing more will be happening in a month or so, but this should keep everybody warm for the time being!

DevBlog - features playable demo

DevBlog - first graphics!

2008-05-22 16:55:06 by Fickludd

What's up you guys? (what an idiot thing to say here...)

Anybody ever had mouse arm disease? I'm feeling it now and it sucks bad!

Anyway, just wanted to say that I got hold on some of the graphics for the tank game me and my buddy are making, and it looks great! (he's the arty guy)


DevBlog - first graphics!

I made an interesting speed comparison between arrays and lists in AS3.0, seen here!

Mapediting the world

2008-05-10 13:03:19 by Fickludd

Added a post about the usefullness of having a map editor to your game on the blog. Check it out!

Scaling physics...

2008-05-09 05:22:03 by Fickludd

Hi ng,

just letting everybody know that I posted a new post in my DevBlog. I've tried scaling my game into the recommended range of box2D, and the result where great!

Well go read about it anyway.


Uploaded playable stuff

2008-05-04 18:09:13 by Fickludd

I just wanna put a post it on your virtual forehead saying "whoa, I better go check out fickludd's latest progress on his Tank Game!". I'm very pleased with being able to show a little test level where you can actually roam around and get a feel for the physics engine that is box2D. Hopefully it is fast enought for some of the cool stuff we want to do.

By the way if someone wants to tell what framerates they get on what computers, that would be really apprieciated :D.

Game! Webpage!

2008-04-29 11:24:23 by Fickludd

Hello all newgrounders!

First of all:
Happy pico day! (a bit early but whatever)

I will soon release my next game, which is a snowboarding game with some really cool tracks and awesome collision detection. Yey! Let there be anticipation. You can check out some more info on...

I've got a new homepage!. It's fantastic what you can do with one of the free platforms available. Check it out!